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Mindy D


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Mindy Dunn is an Active Duty CPT in the Army, and a champion of literacy. She is the founder and CEO of Little Libraries for Literacy, a nonprofit foundation to help lower income children create their own libraries. The foundation works with schools to identify children in need. It then offers those children field trips to book stores, where it provides gift cards to the children so they can purchase books they find interesting, thus beginning the cultivation of a lifelong love of literacy.
Mindy has also created, edited, designed, and published a cookbook of various dietary needs, by collaborating with women hailing from multiple pageant systems and backgrounds.
Over the past year, Mindy volunteered over 100 hours, at galas, sporting events, military events, fundraisers, school events, hospital events, and church events. She helped raise money for food banks, schools, cancer research, and more.
In her free time, Mindy encouraged her kids to excel. Her son, a fourth grader in a gifted program, tested at 9th grade reading level. He also mastered level 6 in swim, and worked hard in level 2/3 split in Gymnastics.
Her older daughter was in 4 ballet classes and three gym classes, testing up to level 3 in gym ahead of her peers. She was also in level four swim. Her younger daughter, age 4, was in two gym classes and one ballet class, and preschool swim. She recently leaned how to read.
Her husband is also active duty.

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What is the Occupation of Mindy D

Mindy is the Deputy S3 of the 201st Expeditionary Military Intelligence Brigade. Her most recent accomplishment was the successful planning and execution of a brigade level Mission Readiness exercise. She had to coordinate with intelligence professionals from 4 states, and three countries, crossing 8 time zones. She worked with active duty, reserve, and civilian professionals to make the event a success. Mindy is also the Liaison officer for 201st to I Corps. She briefs the Commanding General or Deputy commanding general weekly.

Which School Did Mindy D Attend?

Bachelors in Psychology from Chaminade University. Working on a Masters in Rare Books from University of London, England.

FUN FACTS about Mindy D

Mindy can speak three languages, and read in six. She can sing and play violin at the same time.