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Michelle Norris


  • Image Hair Color Black
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  • Image Height 5ft 4inch

My name is Michelle Norris and I am 21 years old from Springfield, Illinois (yes, the capital city). I am a Senior at the University of Illinois at Springfield and will receive my Bachelor Degree in Communication in December 2018. After graduation, I will pursue a Master of Social Work for my career goal of working as a Victim Specialist.

My ethnicity is Cambodian and my mother and her family immigrated over to the United States when she was 7 years old. Being the daughter of an immigrant, I want to show others that they can chase any dream of theirs no matter how big the dream is.

My hope is to bring Asian women into the conversation when it comes to pageantry. I would love to become the first Asian-American Miss Illinois USA. I want others who look like me to have a role model and to have an inspiration to go after what they want in life.

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    January 27, 1997

  • Illinois, United States

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What is the Occupation of Michelle Norris

Currently, I am working as the Interim Coordinator for the Central Illinois Human Trafficking Task Force. Through this task force, multiple agencies have come together to raise awareness of human trafficking, better identify victims, provide quality services to victims, and effectively prosecute the traffickers. This task force is the first task force in Central Illinois and originated in March 2017. This June, I received a national Department of Justice Director’s Award for my work on the human trafficking task force. We have conducted trainings for different disciplines such as law enforcement, healthcare providers, prosecutors, etc. My career goal is to become a Victim Specialist after Grad School and to specialize in human trafficking.

Which School Did Michelle Norris Attend?

University of Illinois at Springfield

Why start competing in pageants

I started competing in pageants because I wanted to share my platform, gain more confidence, and surround myself with empowering women.

What is the Nationality of Michelle Norris