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Meera Patel


  • Image Hair Color Black
  • Image Eye Color Brown
  • Image Zodiac Sign Scorpio
  • Image Weight 105lbs

Meera Patel is a brand activator, story-teller, creative consultant, strategist, and entrepreneur. Born in Edmonton, Alberta to first-generation Gujurati parents, Meera was always told to use her strength in service to others. With this mission close to her heart, Meera turned her passion for curiosity into her career, and became a creative consultant to help business owners thrive using her expertise in digital marketing. With an academic background in both Chemistry and Marketing, there lies a powerful parallel to Meera’s character as a half Scientist and half Artist.

An artisan since adolescence, Meera found joy and wonder in investigating the intricacies of every artistic medium; she was determined to unveil stories untold, and share them visually with the world. From entering coloring contests in the Edmonton Sun, to sculpting an elephant from a lump of clay, to capturing and selling photos at various art exhibits, Meera has always possessed a hunger for strengthening her artistic abilities and to understand what ushers observers to stop, stare and marvel. Having mastered the art of digital design, Meera has been fortunate enough to turn her passion into a career as a Marketing Consultant.

Having grown up in the generation of technology and narcissism, Meera experienced bullying at a young age as technology removed barriers and social media breeded an inflated sense of self among bullies. Having internalized these sour experiences and subtle alienations into adulthood, she began to battle her own personal demons of insecurity, scrutiny and negativity. However, Meera learned that pain that isn’t transformed, is transmitted. She recognized she was not alone and was just one of the many girls who experience assassinations of character, reputation, and physical appearance. In search of building a community to raise the hearts of others, Meera founded Queen Kong Clothing, a female empowerment tribe that connects women through bold statement fashion and art. As a champion of female strength, and women supporting women, Meera ensures to donate a portion of all profits to the Chhanv Foundation, a Non-Profit Organization in India working for the rehabilitation of acid attack survivors.

Throughout adolescence, Meera often felt like she didn’t fit in in the world. As a woman, she has come to realize that this is because she is here to help build a new one.

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    November 18, 1992

  • Alberta, Canada

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Pageant Platform

Miss Universe Canada

What is the Occupation of Meera Patel

Digital Marketing Consultant & CEO of Queen Kong Clothing

Which School Did Meera Patel Attend?

University of Alberta