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Medina Bandalli


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With a Masters Degree in Psychology and over seven years of education at the Undergraduate and Graduate level, Medina is a Provisional Registered Psychologist who is ready to represent Canada on the world stage. Being the youngest Psychologist in her field, her first goal was to complete her educational aspirations and be professionally secure in her career by age 25. Now, Medina is ready to take on her next goal of Miss Universe Canada.

When she isnt working with clients, Medina instructs spin classes at a local spin studio. Her passion for fitness led her into instructing, however more importantly it has encouraged her to lean in opportunities that challenge her.

Having been an elite athlete in competitive gymnastics for eleven years, her passion for athletics has continued to be a central aspect in her life. Growing up Medina played on her volleyball, soccer, and basketball team, and was a sprinter and jumper on her track and field team. Now, she continues to feed her fitness passion through basketball, spin, and yoga. Not only has fitness and athletics been her safe space, it has also provided her with the experience of being in the public eye. Competing athletically and instructing fitness classes has made public speaking and engaging with audiences her norm.

With her parents migrating from East Africa to Canada, Medina was always encouraged to not only travel and experience the world, but to learn about, appreciate, and immerse herself in other cultures. Medina had the opportunity to live and study in Australia for a year, and travel to Brazil, Costa Rica, Uganda, and Kenya (to name a few). Competing in Miss Universe Canada gives her the opportunity to share with others, what living in Canada has given and taught her.

Having worked and volunteered for non-profit organizations, donating time and knowledge by sitting on boards, and being a representative and brand ambassador for foundations, Medina advocates for the importance of contributing to causes greater than yourself. She values inclusivity, empowerment, positive change, and is determined to represent these values on an international stage.

Although her ambition has pushed her to seek out opportunities to continuously grow, her friends, family, and community, and the support and encouragement they provide is what has helped her to succeed. Connection, people, and community play a large role in Medina’s life, which is she values her her friends, family, and community above anything else.

Medina believes that life will continuously happen around us- the good and the bad. Although we don’t always have control over what happens, we can control a few things that can shift our world dramatically: our reaction, our mindset, and who we choose to surround ourselves with. It is with this mindset that Medina has succeeded academically and professionally with her education and career, physically during her elite athletic career, and personally with friends, family, and strangers that she connects with. Her intention with participating at Miss Universe Canada is to be her authentic and genuine self to show how far you can go by just being yourself. Proving that although hard work and drive are two ingredients in success, being kind to yourself and others will make the success worth it. Through her involvement with the Miss Universe Canada pageant, she hopes that by leading by example of being authentic, it can help advocate similar values in others. She hopes to advocate on behalf of mental health awareness, specifically reducing shame associated with seeking support from friends and family or from a professional.

With her confidence, her drive, and her ability to connect, along with her education, experience, and values – Medina is determined to represent Canada as Miss Universe Canada 2019.

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  • Ontario, Canada

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