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Maria Nunez


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Education has been one of the most important aspects of my life. It has been at the source of the best experiences and helped me get through the most difficult situations. There has not been a time in my life in which I was not taking at least one class. My love for learning is endless and that is why my platform is Becoming Global Citizens through Education and the Arts.

I have a B.A. in Economics and Studio Art from Georgetown University, a M.A. in Music Business from New York University, and I am currently pursuing a M.F.A in Fashion Design online at the Academy of Art University of San Francisco. Art, music, and fashion are my passions. My goal career-wise is to combine them by printing my artwork on textiles to design performance and red carpet wear for musicians.

My studies have taken me to live in fourteen cities, eight countries, and two continents. I am fluent in Spanish, French and English, advanced in Portuguese, and intermediate in Italian. It was during one of these wonderful study trips that I met my husband in Paris, and we started dating in Rome. I think that the main reason we were able to make a ten year long-distance relationship work so well was because we were both so focused on studying. We have now been happily married for over five years and we continue to encourage each other to make our dreams a reality.

During the four years that I lived in Wisconsin, I volunteered with the Junior League and the WGirls to help women and children in need. We organized multiple events to raise funds for different non-profit organizations. My favorite way of helping out was putting my love for art and fashion to good use. I taught art workshops for children at the Charles Allis and Villa Terrace Museums, scarf decorating at META House (a place for mothers recovering from addiction), and I was a fairy godmother for the Cinderella Project, that makes possible for girls in need to get a prom dress, shoes, and accessories for free. Seeing the girls that I helped style selected as best dressed on the thank you cards that were later sent to the volunteers made me prouder than if a celebrity had worn one of my designs. Now that I live in New York I will continue my work with the Junior League as a member of the Stanley Isaac committee. This will allow me to continue teaching children Art History and different techniques for them to create their own masterpieces. I am a firm believer that learning can be the best form of occupational therapy.

Starting to learn about the entire world and other cultures at a young age can make children more appreciative of diversity. If they make friends with people who are different early, they are less likely to grow up to be intolerant or bullies. I want to be Mrs. USA Petite because it will give me a megaphone and a spotlight to reach more people and get them to work with me so we can all Become Global Citizens through Education and the Arts.

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Becoming Global Citizens through Education and the Arts.