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Makayla hayes


  • Image Hair Color Black
  • Image Eye Color Brown
  • Image Zodiac Sign Virgo
  • Image Height 5ft 10inch
  • Image Weight 122lbs

The current Junior Miss Princess of America 2019! My platform is Building Relationships to Build Interest which focuses on helping and connecting with others who have gone through similar situations as me.

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    August 29, 2000

  • Missouri, United States

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Pageant Platform

Building Relationships to Build Interest

What is the Occupation of Makayla hayes

I currently work as a Home Healthcare aide and a full time student at the University of Missouri.

Which School Did Makayla hayes Attend?

University of Missouri-COLUMBIA

Why start competing in pageants

Growing up I did not have a "normal" family, being that all my family members are caucasian which caused a lot of unfortunate bullying. I lost a lot of self confidence and found myself being ashamed of the family I came from. Competing in pageants gave me a platform to share my story and be proud of the struggles I overcame in my life to be the woman I am today.

FUN FACTS about Makayla hayes

I was a huge tomboy throughout high school and played all year round basketball throughout my entire life

What is the Nationality of Makayla hayes