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Madison Alexis Ross


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I started to compete in pageantry to have a voice, to make an even bigger impact in my community, my state, and hopefully the country. I compete in pageantry to raise awareness for my Platform and to teach people of all ages that they can have a voice and make a difference.

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    June 5, 2000

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Pageant Platform

My platform is called “The H.O.P.E Anchor”. H.O.P.E stands for “Hold on Pain Ends”. It is dedicated to promoting Anti- Bullying Awareness and Suicide Prevention. I came up with this platform in 2014 after I attempted to take my life due to bullying. I was placed into a mental health facility (which is probably one of the best things that happened to me in regards to my health). Because of this experience I learned many valuable and life changing things. One of the most important lessons that I learned from my entire situation was don’t be scared to get help. I was, in fact I was petrified to even tell someone what was going on, yet alone who was doing it and how I was feeling. However, once I did, it was like everything changed for the better- I faced my problems, got the help I needed, and have since turned what could have been a large tragedy for my family into triumph. Through sharing my story I hope to inspire others, to advocate for Anti-Bullying Awareness, but to most importantly to teach people of all ages not to just stand up for others but, for themselves to. In my efforts to advocate not just in my community, but my state I have done multiple things. I was nominated and chosen as the rise above tours “Girl Above Society”, I have spoken at many events such as charity walks that advocate for bullying and mental health and was interviewed by my local news station along with other campaigns throughout the US that advocate for anti- bullying. However what I am most proud of is what I have done most recently. I have written and illustrated my own children’s book called “A look in the Mirror” which is aimed towards helping children learn to distinguish what a bully is and isn’t, along with teaching them to “be a buddie not a bully” and to stand up and speak out against bullying. My favorite thing however, is a quote I wrote for my dedication page which is as follows, The Survivors, the Victims, and Those Lost Never be bullied into silence, never be made the Victim. Choose Happiness, and Make a Difference. ~ The Bullying Survivor~

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