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Laura Hunter


  • Image Hair Color Brown
  • Image Eye Color Hazel
  • Image Height 5ft 5inch
  • Image Weight 117lbs

Mrs. WA Int. 2011
Ms. America Int. 2014
Ms. Earth Int. 2014
Ms. World 2016

Ms. World 2016 Evening Gown

Laura Hunter, Ms. World 2016 looks positively majestic in this white and gold, hand-stoned evening gown. It's quite obvious as to how she captured the title of Ms. World 2016! Want to see another Ms. contestant evening gown?

The Color

With such gorgeous brown hair, a smokey eye, and a dark stage background, Laura chose the perfect color evening gown to make her stand out amongst her competition. The white with accents of gold beading and stonework throughout both the bottom of the skirt as well as the bodice highlight Laura's exquisite smile and facial features. Want to see another white evening gown option?

The Silhouette

Some white silhouettes can be difficult to pull off due to the fact that on certain body types white can read somewhat unflattering. However, Laura picked the absolute best silhouette for her body type as the fabric hugs each and every curve impeccably, accenting Laura's figure to a T. The skirt of this mermaid silhouette begins at the most optimal place on Laura's legs, right above her knees. The skirt height elongates Laura's frame and gives her body a strong presence that a lower skirt height would not. In regards to the silhouette and gown detailing, the only alteration I would make is pertaining to the beading throughout the bodice. Laura did an excellent job hand beading and stoning all of the gorgeous detailing throughout the gown. I think that extending the beading all the way up to the neckline would take the gown to that next level of uniqueness and allow for the beading to be even more spectacular!

The Styling

Laura did a great job styling this gown from top to bottom! The earrings match impeccably, and her hair swooped to one side allows for the previously mentioned hand beading and stonework to really sparkle. Even Laura's makeup accents the overall look of the gown exquisitely!

  • cake Image

    March 20, 2018

  • Washington, United States

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Pageant Platform


What is the Occupation of Laura Hunter

Ms. World Pageant Director

Why start competing in pageants

To overcome stage fright.