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Kristy Krasinski


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Kristy Krasinski was born and raised in Rochester. In high school she became the leader of Friends of Rachel club, the club is based on empowering students to create and foster a school culture marked by kindness and compassion. Friends of Rachel taught Kristy how to be selfless. She learned to always lend a helping hand when needed. After many years of friendship Kristy’s best friend developed Epilepsy.
This pulled Kristy further into making herself available for assistance when needed and to raise awareness for this disease.
While attending her classes at the State University of Brockport, her professor spoke of the issue of waste around the world and within the USA. This lead Kristy to recognizing a problem and inspired her to take action to take care of the Earth. This was the moment Kristy decided to start “Healthy Habits for a Healthy Home”.
Kristy is currently competing for the title Miss New York Earth USA. With this title she will be able to not only raise awareness, but to motivate and foster people to having healthy habits for the home we share. Competing for Miss New York Earth USA will grant her the opportunity to make a difference within the critical environmental issue of waste.
She will dedicate time to her platform that will create results that will continue past her reign, and last for a lifetime.

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  • New York, United States

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Which School Did Kristy Krasinski Attend?

State University of Brockport