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Kourtney Steppe


  • Image Zodiac Sign Taurus
  • Image Height 5ft 7inch

I am currently a graduating Senior at Spelman College pursuing a degree in Political Science. My ultimate career aspiration is to be a practicing corporate and entertainment attorney. I fell in love with pageantry at 10 years old and I am the current reigning USA National Miss Hoosier State 2020. Im so excited to be competing again at the USA National Miss Pageant this summer at Disney World!

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    May 1, 1998

  • Indiana, United States

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Pageant Platform


Which School Did Kourtney Steppe Attend?

Spelman College

Why start competing in pageants

Fighting for the girls who do not see a reflection of themselves on pageant stages has been and will continue to be one of the main reasons I compete in pageantry. Looking back at the little girl that I used to be, I know that she is proud of the young woman that I have fought so hard to become. My journey in pageantry has been long, yet extremely beneficial to the person I had hoped to be as a little girl. Personally, I compete in pageants because they have helped me grow into the confident, passionate, and well spoken person that I am today. I have learned to believe in myself for who I am and accepting everything about myself that I never had prior to competing. Pageants have also continuously taught me that I never have to limit myself. There is no limit on my dreams or goals professionally, personally, or in pageantry.The reality I have faced in several pageants being the only minority girl or one of few is a reality that I still deal with as many other minority pageant girls do. However, competing in pageants made me truly believe in myself for who I am and ultimately has lead me to form a personal platform that I am very passionate about. My platform C.R.O.W.N which stands for Confidently Rewriting Our Wonderful Narrative, is something that I created to help people of all ages, especially the youth, put the power back into defining who they are on their own terms and going for everything they desire no matter their circumstances. C.R.O.W.N is not just a platform, but it is an extension of myself to give to the community and to empower everyone I am able to reach. By Confidently Rewriting Our Wonderful Narrative, we are choosing to embrace what makes us unique, owning it, and ultimately choosing the lifestyle we want to live.