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Kimora Bernardez


  • Image Hair Color Black
  • Image Eye Color Brown
  • Image Zodiac Sign Cancer

I'm from Sunny Florida, I love to Draw, I consider myself a very talented artist.

I would love to be a Community Housing Developer (Building Houses) when I grow up.

Currently, I am working on starting up my own business/boutique as a Kidpreneur, alongside my mom. My goal is to have my business up and running before the end of 2019. I am also creating my own clothing line with my very own custom logo. I have also volunteered my time by visiting the library in my free time, to help in the kid’s section. Collected Food Donations for Miss Celebration Food Drive. Donated and helped sorted items for Teenage Girls in group homes who are in need, for Lil Miss Proud & Pretty Pageant. Also volunteered at a local Nursing Home in Jacksonville for Lil Miss Proud & Pretty Pageant, for Cookies and Tiaras Day and Conversations with the Elders. I also make it a priority to go out and Support all my Pageant Sisters, Local Kidpreneurs, and their Events.

Interesting Facts about me: My Ancestors are from Belize City, Belize on my Dad’s side. I am learning the language of Garifuna (Belizean Creole), which my Aunt teaches me over the phone. I love making others laugh and telling jokes. I visit my grandmother often who is very ill, and I lift her spirits by making her laugh. I love fashion, I enjoy putting together my own styles and creations. I help my mom all the time whenever she baked goods at home. In Early 2019, I was featured in my school’s Cultural Parade, helped design the Art Walls, and I'm a Reading Pal as well, assisting in the library. I’m very active in my school’s events. Even though drawing is my most favorite hobby, I am an awesome singer and dancer.

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    June 25, 2013

  • Florida, United States



What is the Occupation of Kimora Bernardez

Pageant Contestant, Kidpreneur

Why start competing in pageants

I’m a young leader who encourages everyone to be themselves and love the person within. I am striving hard to make a positive impact in the world by spreading cheer, love, support and my helping hand. I feel like that is what Pageants represents, and I too represent that.