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Kathryn Legaspi


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Height: 5’4
Hometown: Edmonton, AB
Languages: English
Occupation: Educational Assistant

Kathryn Legaspi was born and raised in Edmonton, Alberta. A graduate of MacEwan University Kathryn majored in Psychology and a minored in Sociology, while being involved in the education and social-services communities. Kathryn is passionate and driven to understand the contextual limitations of people in society – particularly people with disabilities. Kathryn works full-time as an educational assistant and part-time as a behavioural interventionist, while attending school to attain her Speech Language Pathology Assistant Diploma. Kathryn is proud that she manages and balances her work and life commitments.

Kathryn is involved in helping and assisting children with Autism but hopes to help others with disabilities. Through her volunteer and work experience, she has learned that children with disabilities need to be given the opportunity to grow. Kathryn aspires to learn and develop educational programs to enable people with disabilities to grow and flourish in their respective communities. She works with these children day to day and has grown an empathy and earnest drive to learn from what they can teach and particularly what they have taught her. With the recent government budget cuts to education and health in Alberta, Kathryn knows the importance of awareness and hopes Miss Universe Canada can provide this platform for her work field.

Being a 1st generation Canadian Kathryn knows the meaning of dedication, sacrifice and drive to achieve her aspirations through the lessons of her hardworking Filipino parents. Raised in an ethnically and culturally skewed area, Kathryn understands the meaning of seeing a familiar face on screen and hopes to inspire others currently going through the difficulties she went through as a child. Previously struggling between her identity of being either Canadian or Filipino, Kathryn is proud to call both cultures her own.

Kathryn’s personal life experience has motivated her to utilize the power of education to influence others. Currently working on a Diversity and Inclusion program, Kathryn hopes to educate her local Edmonton community. Kathryn believes that everyone can be change-makers and that accessible education and resources are pertinent to enacting empathy, understanding, and diversity on all fronts.

Kathryn aims to win Miss Universe Canada, to represent her city Edmonton and province of Alberta known for their beautiful prairies, backyard mountains and most of all their Western Hospitality. Kathryn’s journey to Miss Universe Canada is supported and motivated by her family, and particularly her close brother. Kathryn hopes to make her region proud and most of all fulfill her late Grandmother’s wishes.

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  • Alberta, Canada

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What is the Occupation of Kathryn Legaspi

Educational Assistant