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Karli Moss


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I started competing in pageantry about a year ago to boost my self confidence. I wanted to give it a try to see if I liked it and I ended up loving it! Pageants have gave me the opportunity to better myself as a person, bring awareness to serious matters, meet new people, and give myself a brighter future. After competeing in my first scholarship pageant last April I knew right then that I wanted to continue to compete with the International System and do more with my platform. My platform is the Ronald McDonald House Charaties and I have accomplished so much partnering with them in just the past year. I dedicate all my free time to doing the three things I love... pageants, doing things for my platform, and volunteering. I have had many doors open for me through volunteering and it has showed me that you can change the world by working for others because you choose too. Pageants have changed my life and I could never imagine not seeing myself in life without them.

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    April 8, 2003

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Pageant Platform

My platform is the Ronald McDonald House Charaties. I partnered with them about a year ago after I competed in my first scholarship pageant. At the age of eight I was diagnosed with grade two and three hydrophorsis in both of my kidneys. When I was diagnosed my doctors thought I would have to have imidiate surgery to get rid of my illness. After I went through testing they found that it could be treated with small monthly treatments... I thanked God right there and then because I was so afraid on the recovery process of the surgery. I would of been on bed rest for at least three weeks until my bladder healed. Although I never needed surgery the Ronald McDonald House Charaties of Arkansas was kind enough to have open arms for my family and I as we travels three hours back and fourth to our local children's hospital for my treatments. After three years of treatments I was finally free of my illness and wanted to give back to the RMHC for being so kind enough to offer us a place to stay. Time passed and I had never reached out to them to thank them until last year and that's when I knew I wanted to partner with them for my platform. In just the past year I have raised over 10,000 poptabs for the RMHCA to pay for the cost of rooms so that no family will pay to stay. I have also went to schools around my state to speak to young student on how to prevent hydronphrosis and educate them on the RMHC. I love my platform dearly and I love partnering with them?