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Julie Ann Artus


  • Image Hair Color Black
  • Image Eye Color Brown
  • Image Zodiac Sign Gemini
  • Image Height 5ft 5inch
  • Image Weight 105lbs

This is my very first pageant ever! About 4 years ago, the director of Mrs. Minnesota America mentioned to me about the system and that I look like a good candidate, she said. Never in my wildest dream that I would compete in any pageantry but then lately I realized that I am nearing 40 years old and I have never really done anything out of my comfort zone. My exposure in pageantry through my daughter competing in America's Little Miss and recently National American Miss excelling in both systems, made me see that pageantry is more than a crown and banners and beautiful dresses.
I came from a very poor family in the Philippines and I've seen poverty in my own eyes. I know how it feels to be hungry and so I've been sending help over in the Philippines for over 9 years in my own little ways. My ultimate dream is to be able to give children who are living in poverty a chance to have a better life. I started a feeding program in schools where I came from in the Philippines using my own money which I found tough since I wanted to feed as many kids as I could but my resources just can't support it. So I decided to compete because I strongly believe that Mrs. Wisconsin America is a pageant system where I can find connections and to where I can find audience to my cause.
I am happily married to my husband Steve Artus with our three beautiful children Kal, Kate, and Kingston. My husband is a retired international airline captain for American Airlines and I am running my own business while raising my young children. I have a Master of Information System and is currently working on my Master of Business Administration. Prior to immigrating to the US, I was teaching in the Philippines for 3 years.
Today, I am hoping that Pageant Planet will guide me in what to do to get ready for the big day!

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    June 6, 1981

  • Wisconsin, United States

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Pageant Platform

Nourish the Future (a feeding program I started in the Philippines)

What is the Occupation of Julie Ann Artus

Business Owner

Which School Did Julie Ann Artus Attend?

University of Wisconsin - Oshkosh, WI; Robert Morris University - Chicago, IL

Why start competing in pageants

Personal development and to find audience for my feeding program in the Philippines

FUN FACTS about Julie Ann Artus

Love to sing and dance but never took any classes

What is the Nationality of Julie Ann Artus