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Jaime Yvonne VandenBerg


  • Image Hair Color Brown
  • Image Eye Color Blue
  • Image Zodiac Sign Scorpio
  • Image Height 5ft 9inch
  • Image Weight 125lbs

Jaime VandenBerg is currently a fourth year student at the University of Lethbridge, concentrating in legal reasoning with plans of becoming a lawyer. She is passionate about helping others in crisis situations and has taken on a position as a Victim Advocate in the Victim Services Unit at the police station. She believes that overcoming crisis situations can often be the defining moment in a person’s life and that even the smallest kind gestures can save a life.

Jaime is an outdoor enthusiast who loves the ocean just as much as she enjoys volunteering. Last year, after surfing at San Onofre Jaime joined a silent protest led by an indigenous activist group to prevent the dumping of toxic waste in the ocean from the San Clemente Nuclear Centre. Additionally, Jaime received her open water diving certification after spending time in Thailand, Indonesia and the Philippines this past summer. During her time in Asia, Jaime worked with We charity in a tribal village in northern India to dig the foundations for a new building to be added for a school. Her favorite experience in India was joining a women’s circle with local girls to learn about their culture and encourage young girls to attend the school.

Jaime believes education is crucial in encouraging people to make environmentally friendly changes in their life as a clear understanding fosters an individual’s ability to explain to others why change is necessary as well as what others can do to shrink their environmental footprint. Jaime advocates that even small changes in ones lifestyle can make a large impact in the long run.

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    November 18, 1996

  • Alberta, Canada


Belly Dance

Pageant Platform

Beautie for a Cause

What is the Occupation of Jaime Yvonne VandenBerg

Solar Power Sales & Warranty Administrator at Skyline Travel Centre

Which School Did Jaime Yvonne VandenBerg Attend?

University of Lethbridge

Why start competing in pageants

Jaime began competing in pageants in 2014 at Miss Teenage Alberta during her final year of high school. She found that pageants helped her focus on constantly bettering herself such as eating healthy, working out and volunteering. Jaime encourages pageants as a way to achieve one's daily goals and give back to your community.

FUN FACTS about Jaime Yvonne VandenBerg

Training in Mixed Martial Arts -Taekwondo/ Kickboxing/ Judo! Speaks English and conversational French! Spending time outside is certainly one of my favorite activities.