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Hannah Whatley Blaine


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Hannah Whatley-Blaine an 11-year old who isn't waiting to accomplish her goals.  In 2013, she founded K.A.T.S. - Kids Against Teenage Smoking, an educational program committed to informing kids & teens about the dangers of tobacco use. Her goal is to promote smoke-free, future generations.

Through her website, (www.KidsAgainstTeenageSmoking.com) video-blogs and social media, Hannah blends engaging humor, science, and statistics to educate fellow Cool K.A.T.S. on the “why” and “how” of staying tobacco-free.  She works in partnership with D.A.R.E. Programs across the country, sharing this vital message through her book, “Cool K.A.T.S. Don’t Smoke”. To date, Hannah has shared her message with more than 2,000 kids, and she has no plans on slowing down.

Hannah is your 2017 USA Ambassador Missouri Preteen, and plans to use every minute of her reign following the USAA SLICC (Success. Leadership. Integrity. Character. Confidence.) philosophy to be an example of how one person – no matter their age – can make a real and lasting impact. #bethegood


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    September 15, 2005

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Hannah Whatley-Blaine is the founder of K.A.T.S. - Kids Against Teenage Smoking. Her website: www.KidsAgainstTeenageSmoking.com) incorporates kid-friendly videos, smoking “fast facts”, video-blogs, and resources all designed to help educate kids on the “why” and “how” of staying tobacco-free. Seeing her third grade classmates “play at smoking", she knew she wanted to make a bigger impact. In July 2015, her book "Cool K.A.T.S. Don't Smoke” was published. Her book exposes tactics tobacco companies use to make smoking look "fun" and "cool" to kids, and addresses the latest trends, such as celebrity endorsement, enticing packaging, flavored nicotine, and technology – including e-cigarettes. She partnered with the D.A.R.E. Program, and now speaks to 3rd, 4th and 5th grade classes sharing her book, blog and “Cool K.A.T.S. Pledge”. By the end of this year, she will have shared her message with more than 2,000 kids.