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Hana Hanh Tran


  • Image Hair Color Black
  • Image Eye Color Brown
  • Image Height 5ft 5inch
  • Image Weight 110lbs

Hana Tran was born in Vietnam. She currently holds several degrees, including a Master’s Degree from the Marangoni Fashion Design Institute, Milano, Italy. She is currently a Yoga Teacher and a Fashion Designer.
She’s very active, energetic, positive and ambitious with big goals and dreams. A passion of hers is finding happiness in others. It is because of this passion that she has pursued teaching Yoga and fashion designing, as they not only help people improve their health and their appearance, but their confidence and happiness as well. She also devotes most of her time in taking care of her family. Now that her two beloved children have grown, she can focus more on societal activities, fashion shows, and volunteering for non-profit organizations including World Vision, Helping Link, Compassion with Fashion, CanCan Cancer Organization, Cooking and Feeding the Homeless.
She is a loyal, patient and hard-working person who is willing to face challenges and conquer her fears. She’s not afraid of failure since she believes everything happens for a reason and she can learn from her mistakes to become a stronger and wiser person.
At the Mrs. Vietnam World 2017 beauty pageant, she designed her own national costume and her competition wardrobe. She’s currently working hard on her new collections for the New York Fashion week. Her goal is to bring her creations to various locations including her hometown in Vietnam, as well as Singapore, New York, Shanghai, Seattle and many more areas of the world.?
Her dream is to build a home center for orphans and disabled children to raise them and provide them education that will suit their talents and create jobs for them. She believes in Karma and that we are all connected no matter where you are from, what nationality we are, or which region we belong to; we’re all one big family. We share the same air, the same Earth, and therefore we should care, support and love each other.

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  • Bac Giang, Vietnam

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Mrs. Vietnam World

Which School Did Hana Hanh Tran Attend?

Istituto Marangoni