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Ensley Roessler


  • Image Hair Color Brown
  • Image Eye Color Hazel
  • Image Zodiac Sign Scorpio
  • Image Height 5ft 8inch
  • Image Weight 118lbs

Hello Everyone!
This is very exciting that I get to share my story with you all. I was diagnosed with breast cancer at 26 and this last year I went through four surgeries and chemotherapy! Right now I’m 27 and into my third week of my double mastectomy recovery. Which I had a week after my first pageant ever!
I started doing pageants because I thought what better way to inspire the world of women and help give hope to patients and families who are on the daily struggle of battling cancer that you are not alone in this fight!
Competing in pageants can help me establish an amazing platform for my non profit organization for breast cancer patients that need financial help.
I know first hand the emotional, physical and financial struggles you go through personally and your families while battling cancer. It is so exhausting and expensive. I am so blessed to still be here and I will continue to donate all my time for a greater purpose of helping others and continue to be the beacon of hope for all who have been affected by this horrible disease!

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    November 12, 1991

  • Florida, United States

Why start competing in pageants

To be a example for women that doubt themselves especially while battling cancer.

FUN FACTS about Ensley Roessler

I am a Fifth generation Floridian