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Emmi Estelle Hebert


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I started doing pageants to make new friends and get to know others. Pageants have given me the ability to make my voice heard. They has given me multiple opportunities to get out in the community and to serve others. They have  also helped me to cope with stage fright and speaking in  front of others. Pageants have given me confidence to know that I can be the difference this world needs.



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    December 4, 1999

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Pageant Platform

My platform is Teens against bullying and violence. I have partnered with Pacer.org and will be bringing awareness to my shcool and other schools in my community. Bullying is not okay and we as the future generation can reduce bullying by and the effects by being an advocate. We need to stand up and not be silent or turn the other cheek when a bullying situation is present. We must speak out and bring the situation to light so that it can be stopped and hopefully prevented. We can no longer turn a blind eye. I would like to also like to speak to the administration at my school and crate a program that will allow victims of bullying a safe nonjudge zone to talk about their experience and begin to heal. Statistics show that suicise increases in not only victims of bullying but also in the bully themselves. Together we can make a change one situation at a time.