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Eileen Zrubek


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Eileen Zrubek is USA Ambassador Jr. Teen 2016!

Even though much of my childhood was filled with Disney princess movie marathons and trying to convince myself that I could fit into my mom’s heels, I still couldn’t have pictured myself doing a pageant. Like most girls prior to competing in pageants, I was fairly shy and afraid to express my personality. However, that all changed when I was invited to an open call to participate in my first pageant. After competing for about five years, my pageant journey lead me to U.S.A Ambassador, a fantastic system that encourages me to participate in community service and inspire other girls my age to do the same.

    Pageants, especially the U.S.A Ambassador pageant system, have not only encouraged me to engage in my community, but to also recognize and foster my talents, interests, and abilities alongside other exceptional young women from across the nation. I chose to compete in pageants (and still do) because I truly do believe in the positive impact they have on the public speaking abilities and confidence levels of the young women who compete in them.

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    September 8, 2000

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Pageant Platform

Having to balance a hectic school schedule with extracurricular activities, and college entry preparation, can prove to be a very challenging task to manage...especially when I am trying to find time to volunteer and engage in impactful acts of service within my community. So during lunch one day at school, I had an idea that would combat this issue: "What if I could serve my community while spending time with friends in school?" I suggested the idea of holding a bake sale fundraiser at school to benefit our community's local homeless shelter, the Echo House. Without any second thoughts, my friends agreed to participate in the bake sale by baking cookies, cupcakes, and making cups of hot chocolate to sell to our classmates and friends at school. I couldn't believe that such a humble bake sale fundraiser could make such an impact! With the funds made from the sale, I was able to purchase hats, gloves, scarves, socks, no-sew blankets, and holiday gifts to donate to our friends at the Echo House. Upon entering the Echo House, I was greeted by a warm and friendly house parent who allowed me to personally give one of my home-made blankets to a child who stayed there! The look of sheer appreciation and gratitude that spread across the child’s face confirmed that the Echo House was where I wanted to volunteer my time. Ever since, I have had the pleasure of working with my friends and family, making no-sew blankets and putting together care packages for those in need at the Echo House. This week my friends and I are holding another bake sale in order to purchase items for the Echo House! I look forward to serving my community alongside my friends, and hope to inspire them to take part in serving others at the Echo House.

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I am currently a Junior in high school, but I aspire to major in English at the University of California, Berkeley.