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Dillyn LaRue


  • Image Hair Color Sandy
  • Image Eye Color Brown
  • Image Zodiac Sign Sagittarius
  • Image Height 4ft 10inch
  • Image Weight 99lbs

Hi! I’m Dillyn Larue, Little Miss of Burleson, I’m new to pageants and I can’t wait to experience everything the pageant world has to offer especially new friends and the opportunity to help others in a bigger way! I’m hoping to learn more about myself and expand my platform as I enter my first state competition.
I love animals, especially my puppies Ranger and Maverick! Some people call me a girly girl but I love sports and camping as much as glitz and glam. Music plays through my soul and I dance everywhere I go.

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    November 23, 2009

  • Texas, United States



What is the Occupation of Dillyn LaRue

I’m a student at Holy Cross Christian Academy

Which School Did Dillyn LaRue Attend?

Holy Cross Christian Academy

Why start competing in pageants

In 2020, I competed and won the title of Little Miss Texas-American I am starting this journey because I have been having a rough time with self confidence. I struggle with self image and self confidence and I thought that this would help me dig deep to see the good I put into the world, the good work I can and have done and my inner beauty. I’m already feeling the effects just by joining the pageant family. The girls are so uplifting. I also wanted a bigger platform and a bigger stage in which to do good work for my community. I have always loved to be a helper and I believe the pageant community is a great way to be just that.

FUN FACTS about Dillyn LaRue

I love basketball, dance & volleyball. I’m constantly singing. Like all the time. My favorite animal is a giraffe, my favorite color is turquoise. I have 2 brothers, 2 dogs, a cat, a hedgehog and 3 hermit crabs. My favorite song is Lost boy. I love Disney princesses but I also love the villains! I’m taking guitar lessons with my dad and my brother. If you can’t find me you can find me in a book! I love reading princess adventures and biographies of important people in history. Math is my best subject. I’m a three time math Olympic competitor!

What is the Nationality of Dillyn LaRue