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Ciara Thompson


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Ciara is a recent Sociology graduate who is currently working as an entrepreneur, model, bartender and towards advocating for homelessness across Canada. Having been a victim of bullying growing up, Ciara has made it her personal goal to help others realize their worth and strive to meet their full potential. In November 2017, she was named an ambassador for Kids Help Phone’s 2017 Anti-Bullying campaign, where she was able to speak out against bullying on a national level, and to encourage a positive and healthy mindset among Canada’s youth.

In recent years, Ciara has focused mainly on eliminating the stigma surrounding homelessness, and spends much of her time working toward humanizing individuals who live without homes across Canada. She continues to create care packages with various items that are often taken for granted that could make a difference in the lives of those in need. She has successfully distributed approximately 250 care packages over the course of two years. Ciara aims to educate individuals on a national level about the severity of the homeless issue in Canada, and hopes to inspire others to also make positive changes that could benefit those in need. She is currently in the process of launching her very own clothing company geared to shed light on the issues surrounding homelessness, with a portion of the proceeds going towards assisting individuals who are struggling.

When she’s not helping her community, Ciara enjoys painting, drawing, writing, photography and travelling. She has a knack for adventure and can often be found trying new things and pushing herself past the boundaries of her comfort zone. In the next year, she plans on launching her business and travelling across Europe before attending law school to become a Child’s Advocate lawyer.

Winning pageants at both national and international levels, Ciara has used her previous successes as an outlet to advocate for homelessness, positive mental health and anti-bullying, as well as to develop her skills in public speaking, networking, to grow her confidence, and show others that anything is possible. She hopes to be a positive role model and to inspire people to find the love for themselves that she has finally found for herself through all of her hard work and in following her dreams.

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  • Ontario, Canada

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