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Ciara Stewart


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Ciara is a proud born and raised Albertan. She began pageants at the age of 14. Being involved in the pageant world has given Ciara countless life and growth experiences. Such as being an ambassador for her beloved city of Calgary, representing it as Miss Teen Calgary 2017. Ciara is grateful for the opportunities that have allowed her “voice” to be heard. She is an ambassador for the Kidney Foundation of Canada, a cause very close to her heart. She has been working on raising awareness for kidney disease for nine years. One of Ciara’s fondest memories is knitting stuffed animals for children with kidney disease and being able to give them out at Kids Kidney Camp this last summer. Volunteering at Youth Link Calgary is another privilege. Youth Link is a City of Calgary Police Services program designed to prevent Calgary’s youth from falling through the cracks of social influences and pressures in society. Ciara teaches modelling classes in her free time at the Patti Falconer Agencies. These classes work on helping teens become more confident, they teach life and modelling skills, which in turn empower young people. Ciara has dedicated 16 years to her ballet, including training, volunteering and teaching preschool classes. An Honours’ Society student, Ciara will be attending the University of Calgary to pursue a Psychology Degree this fall. Her ultimate goal is to become a Human Rights Lawyer. This is due to her wanting to make an impact on the injustices prevalent in today’s society that surround human rights. “Have courage and be kind” is a quote she incorporates into each day. She does this by doing her best to carry on the legacy of Patti Falconer, her mentor. Patti always dedicated her personal time to help others become the best versions of themselves, no matter what the entailed. Ciara’s wish is to spread a little kindness and love to everyone around her. She has been fortunate enough to do this on a well-supported platform two years back to back in Calgary. Ciara is the first back to back winner of the Patti Falconer Calgary titles, first Miss Teen Calgary 2017 and now Miss Calgary 2018. With these fortunate opportunities, she learned valuable life skills such as perseverance and dedication.

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  • Alberta, Canada

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