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Christine Tang


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Who I am!
Hi! My name is Christine Tang! I am a sweet, intelligent and calm 6 years old! I live in Covina, California with my parents, Luc & Tanty, my older sister, Mich, my younger brother, Titi, & my lovely grandma. I attend church at San Dimas. After church, I like to watch Youtube, drawing and doing craft or maybe all of them at once! I love Jesus & my family & I plan to make a difference in the world! "Be the change you want to see in the world..."

I attend 1st grade at Local Elementary school! This past school year I received the Student of The Month's Award! I'm really excited to do some really amazing things this school year in the program. I am really proud of these achievements because I work very hard all school year!

I started participating in pageants in 2019 and surprisingly qualify to compete at NATIONAL level. It's a lot of fun & I'm learning so much! I've gone from the shy kid to an outgoing girl who loves making friends & trying many new things I've made some amazing friends from State NAM. This summer I won the 2nd runner up Princess pageant (NAM)!

When I grow up, I would like to be an art teacher! Drawing is so much fun and just like singing, it allows me to be creative as I'd like to be!

My Hobbies
Art is my passion! I love to draw and color or paint - anything that has anything to do with a art supplies! - It's harder than I thought, but I know I can do it! Besides drawing, my other favorite thing to do is singing! I also enjoy acting, modeling, and going to the park with my family! I love everything that pretty, shiny and sparkling. I love to play tag with my friends at school.

My favorite subject is Drawing! I absolutely love to draw! you can draw anywhere, draw anyone & draw anything when you like!!

School Days
I attend 1st grade at Local Elementary School. I really enjoy school and I especially love my school. The teachers are very helpful and they make sure that we learn as much as we can while having fun! My favorite subjects is Art.
My Accomplishments & Resume
National American Miss
National NAM, November 2019 ~ Top 12 National Pageant Princess Division, Top 10 Red Carpet Correspondence, 4th runner up Best Resume, Spirit of America.
LA State Pageant, Summer 2019 ~ 2nd runner up State Pageant Princess Division, 1st runner up promising model, 4th runner up talent contest, 2nd runner up Photogenic, 1st runner up Casual Wear Model, 1st runner up Best Thank You card, Spirit of America, Outstanding Program Participation

Entertainment Industry
Production, May 2019~ “three good action [Three Good Bento Box]” - featured actress, as student
Production, Aug 2018~ “Central Health Commercial” - actress commercial & print, as daughter
Production, December 2018 ~ “project still in process”, actress lead, as Cynthia
Production, Aug 2017 ~ “Educational Insight” - print model, as girl playing with toy truck
Production, July 2017 ~ “John's Kerwin Show”, audience
Production, June 2017 ~ “Baby Bea's” - print model, as Bakery's guest
Production, May 2017 ~ “Amway Library Shoot” - print model, as daughter
Production, July 2016 ~ “Janie & jack” - print model
Production, June 2016 ~ “Crazy 8” - print model
In the Community
Ryan's Case for Smiles Los Angeles August 2019 - PRESENT ~ volunteered sew pillow case for children at hospital.

What National American Miss means to me...
NAM has given me the opportunity to realize that my dreams are as attainable as I make them! As long as I work hard, no matter how big my dreams are, I can reach them. Even though I am still somewhat shy, I have learned that I can overcome that. It is ok to be nervous but as long as I can keep my smile and poise, which gives me confidence, I can succeed!

When I grow up...
I would like to be many things: an art teacher, model, & actress. I know it’s a lot but I feel like I can do all of them or any one of them because I’m a girl with big dreams! I want to share the world with people, the way I see it, through my capability! I want to wear pretty clothes walk on stage! Because I love to entertain people around me and make them smile & happy! Yes, I’m a girl with many big dreams and I know that God will bless me with whatever I need to make my big dreams come true!

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    December 20, 2019

  • California, United States

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Actress, Singing

Why start competing in pageants

Summer 2019

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