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Chloe B.


  • Image Hair Color Auburn
  • Image Eye Color Green
  • Image Zodiac Sign Aries
  • Image Height 5ft 2inch
  • Image Weight 150lbs

An aspiring director Chloe recently finished her degree in Drama at the University of Lincoln. As a keen writer one of her interest areas is staging the supernatural and Victorian gothic era and hopes to persue her career in the near future as she moves to Manchester, UK. Chloe is an ambassador for Endometriosis UK and has a mission to use the title of Royal International Miss UK to spread awareness of Endometriosis to young women in schools in her county hoping to take it to a national level. She recently started her own body confidence Instagram after noticing the negativity the social media app could have on young women, Chloe dedicates this page to embracing her imperfections and using them as an advantage.

  • cake Image

    March 31, 1998

  • South Yorkshire, United Kingdom


Contemporary dance

Pageant Platform

Endometriosis UK

Which School Did Chloe B. Attend?

University of Lincoln

Why start competing in pageants

I began competing in pageants to encourage my own self confidence, often doubting myself I could see this as an outlet to improving my attitudes and my personal skills. Along the way I have found that I wish to represent other ladies like myself, proving that the size of my hips do not determine the strength of my character.

FUN FACTS about Chloe B.

I am a trained chocolatier!