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Chesnie Caldwell


  • Image Hair Color Brown
  • Image Eye Color Blue
  • Image Zodiac Sign Gemini
  • Image Height 5ft 4inch
  • Image Weight 120lbs

Hello! My name is Chesnie! I am currently miss Casey county jr teen united states and cannot wait for state. Some unique things you should know about me is that I volunteer in a soup kitchen at my church and feed over 650 families! I also am trying to pass a law that requires every school in Kentucky to teach their students what to do in the event of a house fire. When my house caught on fire, if I hadn't been taught what to do, I probably wouldn't have been able to save my sister (crazy, i know!) I also like to read, cook and play with my little brother!

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    June 2, 2003

  • Kentucky, United States

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Speed painting and naming all state capitals

Pageant Platform

Fire safety act, recently I have partnered with my state governed to create a law in the state of Kentucky that requires all middle and elementary schools to have fire safety training.

Why start competing in pageants

Early since I was little , my mom has put me in pageants so it become habit, but as I’ve gotten older I am reminded that it is so much more than that. It has taught me public speaking and self confidence. I am also able to interview well which will help me with job interviews and college applications. But also, pageants has given me a chance to have new experiences and get everyone engaged in my platform. Cause making a change really does begin with one person.

FUN FACTS about Chesnie Caldwell

I scored a 21 on the ACT in 7th grade, I am graduating from my high school early and as a sophomore I have 30 college hours!

What is the Nationality of Chesnie Caldwell