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Cephra Hasfal


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Cephra Rose was born and raised in Brampton, Ontario to Jamaican / Chinese parents into a family of seven. Growing up in a large and diverse family, she has always felt a deep longing for her own sense of individualism amidst an extremely talented family. With interests that were fairly foreign and out of the box, Cephra was always seeking new and exciting life experiences and tended to surrounded herself with a wide circle of friends from various backgrounds and walks of life.

Cephra currently resides in Windsor, Ontario, where she is pursuing a degree in Business Marketing.

Battling anxiety and depression through most of her teenage years up into young adulthood, she struggled with finding a sense of purpose and identity in the world. Through rooting her identity in her Christian faith, she was able to overcome both, also coming to the understanding that this life wasn’t simply about her, but a greater purpose, bigger than she could ever imagine. This sparked the desire to want to reach others with similar mental struggles by encouragement through a living hope. Cephra has always strived to apply these principals by getting involved firstly in her home, inner circles, and community before furthering that outreach.

Since the age of 21, Cephra felt it was on her heart to begin an online ministry in order to be more proactive about her vision. She is currently in the process of launching IdleVanity Ministries, a ministry that will focus on the everyday vain pursuits of this generation that deprive them of finding true meaning and identity fulfillment by reminding them to look beyond themselves. Other causes that are near and dear to her heart include issues of poverty, mental health, and religious persecution in second and third world nations.

Cephra is extremely grateful for the opportunity to be part of this year’s Miss Universe Canada competition, as it brings her one step closer to bringing her vision to life. She hopes this platform can enable her to partner with organizations that have a similar vision, allowing her to be a voice for those without a voice.

In a society that promotes self-indulgence, she wants to be a reminder that it is okay to love ourselves and strive to be better, but this life is not about us! Let’s make sure our souls are beautiful, too.

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  • Ontario, Canada

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