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Carmelle Martinez


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Carmelle Nathalie Martinez was born and raised in Tago, Surigao del Sur, Philippines and moved to Brampton, ON when she was 14 years old. She graduated in June 2018 with a degree in Bachelor of Business Administration; with a specialization in Accounting, from the University of Guelph-Humber in Toronto, ON. She was the recipient of the Gold Medallion for Leadership Excellence Award for her ongoing leadership contributions within her campus community during her undergraduate studies. Carmelle currently works for Deloitte Canada in London, ON, which was her dream company, because she has always wanted to work for a global leading firm that would effectively support her professional development while also making an impact within her community. Carmelle is analytical, deliberate, and passionate about gender equality, anti-discrimination, inclusivity, and female empowerment. These strengths have helped her succeed in her current role as an Audit and Tax Reporting Professional, and other previous roles within the finance department as well as being a mentor in her alma mater’s community. She hopes to attain her Chartered Professional Accounting designation in the near future.

Since moving to Canada, she has met so many inspiring individuals who have motivated her in every aspect of her life. Canada has helped her become open-minded, because of its incredibly diverse community. Her passion for cultural integration derives from her experience working with people with different cultures. Hearing stories of first-generation Canadians with the same goal as her and her family inspired her to expand her network, so she can reach out to others to offer mutually beneficial support. The hardships that her parents went through while struggling to find their first jobs to simply be able to financially support her family motivated her to aim high professionally, and to also be kind and generous to others. Carmelle hopes to one day be in a position where she can provide equal opportunities, especially to new Canadian immigrants.

In countries like Canada, every citizen can make opportunities happen by simply supporting one another. Her educational background in business has allowed her to find unique and creative ways to improve situations that deserve attention. She believes that by making use of Canada’s diverse community, it will help inspire others to build a strong sense of open-mindedness. She was extremely involved in all the schools that she attended, but now Carmelle wants to take it to another level by being involved in her community through different platforms including beauty pageants. In 2016, she competed at the Miss Progress International 2016 in Puglia, Italy and represented Canada with her advocacy on aboriginal women’s rights. Carmelle realized that by participating in beauty pageants, it provides women like her to have a platform where she can start dialogue about situations that deserves society’s attention. By driving awareness to topics such as gender quality, anti-discrimination, inclusivity, mental health, and female empowerment, the community will continue to strive to become more progressive.

Carmelle’s passion for the various societal issues and drive to make a difference in the world has made her into the independent and confident woman that she is today. She hopes that with her participation in Miss Universe Canada 2019, she will inspire others to continue pursuing their dreams, while also making a difference in the world. Her extracurricular activities, previous pageant experience, community involvement, and leadership experiences motivate and strengthen her to continue pursuing her own dream of becoming the next Miss Universe Canada.

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  • Ontario, Canada

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What is the Occupation of Carmelle Martinez

Audit and Tax Reporting Professional