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Bryan O. Martinez


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My name is Bryan O. Martinez, I have 25 years old. My sign is Aquarius, i born and race on The Enchanted Island Of Puerto Rico. I Am currently Mr. UNIVERSE INTERNATIONAL 2019 (Pageant made in Tlaxcala Mexico), and I am the representation of The Sunshine State and Where Always Is Summer FLORIDA. I wanna be the next Mr. GAY WORLD 2020 to conquer my biggest big dream and is make and mark the difference on this world and community. We need to understand that we need to support and stick together cause our fight for our freedom and rights is not finished yet on this time. And for accomplish this I have my campaign that I been working for almost one year already.

My campaign is one whit no labels, race, sex or nationality, and go against the people that this day still have tabus and difficulty’s whit HIV positive people. “Undetectable = Untrasmisible” is the name of my campaign that I know is gonna mark the difference on ur gay community. The main point is creat conscience and support each other, whit no prejudice or any type of hate. Cause we need to protect and support each other this days and always. This campaign is one to creat conscientious, and spread knowledge cause the most powerful weapon that humans can have is the “Knowledge” because at the very end no body can take that from you. For my hashtag I decide to creat couple of then and the main one Is the same name of my campaign #undetectedEQUALuntrasmisible DontBeShameToEducateYourSelf #LoveYourSelfThatMuchToKnlwYourStatusToday #LiveBeYourOwnPurpuseAndBeProud

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  • Florida, United States

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