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Asia Washington


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Hi Pageant Friends,

Here's a little bit about myself!
My name is Asia Evans-Washington, I am 21 year old college student from Wisconsin and I am a pageant lover! Outside of pageantry I work a minimum job, I go to night classes and I am also a beginner social media influencer.

I use my youtube channel (Asia Maria) and my Instagram (@theofficialasiamaria) profile, to spread The Word of God, to uplift women, positivity, encouragement, self love and more. That's why pageantry is so important to me, because it gives young women the opportunity to use their voices and title to help others.

I've been through a lot in my life as I'm sure many people have and I just want to make a difference in my local community, honestly if I could just win a title here in my home state that would be EVERYTHING, I can't express that enough! I would hope that if I could win my state title, that I could use it to be a positive role model for women and that I could ultimately give back to my community.


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    May 11, 1997

  • Wisconsin, United States

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Sing, Dance, Hairstylist, & Self-Taught MUA

What is the Occupation of Asia Washington

Jewelry Sales Associate

Which School Did Asia Washington Attend?

Bryant and Stratton College

Why start competing in pageants

Hi Pageant Friends, I began to have an interest in pageants around the age of 16. I really wanted to do them because I knew what I stood for as a young woman and I wanted to represent that. I also began to take an interest in it when I saw all of the new people that I could meet, I love meeting new people and potentially making new friends and creating new memories. To be very honest and this may be said a lot... But I never really paid attention to the prizes, like the money and whatever else. I just wanted a chance to even do it, a chance to be able to represent my state and or city and do positive things with that title. I've gone through a lot and I just want to be able to help and represent something positive. Sincerely, Asia.

FUN FACTS about Asia Washington

I'm a Youtuber!

What is the Nationality of Asia Washington