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Ashlyn Ortiz


  • Image Hair Color Brown
  • Image Eye Color Hazel
  • Image Zodiac Sign Libra
  • Image Height 5ft 4inch
  • Image Weight 95lbs

Hi!! I am Ashlyn and I am currently 18 years old and recently graduated from high school! I am from southern Colorado and moved to Denver to work as much as I could over the summer and to grow more familiar with the Denver region. I will be attending CU Denver in the fall to major in Biology while on the track to Pre-Dentistry! Outside of work and school I am an aspiring model/ actress. I have spent the last year preparing to walk a fashion show in Los Angeles this past May where I then met with scouts from agencies such as Aston Models, Wilhelmina, and Maverick Artists. I recently became a student of Barbizon School of Modeling through Southwest Model and Talent Agency and I am on the track to sign onto that agency once I graduate from my program!

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    October 18, 1999

  • Colorado, United States

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What is the Occupation of Ashlyn Ortiz

I am currently a Wellness Program Advisor at Elements Massage where I meet one-on-one with our massage clients and match them to the massage therapist that will meet their needs.

Which School Did Ashlyn Ortiz Attend?

CU Denver

Why start competing in pageants

I will start competing in pageants to broaden my platform as a model/actress and spokesperson. I want to create an image for myself that is a role model to other young girls who struggle with loving themselves and accepting who their are. As a teenager, I was body shamed for being so petite and skinny. I hated that my image was the first thing people thought about me when I was mentioned or when I was around. Over the years, I learned to embrace who I am because I knew no one else was me. I want to become someone that girls of all ages, sizes, races and background can look to for inspiration and know that not everyone was blessed with traits they wanted, but traits that they will grow into and grow to love because everyone is beautifully themselves. I believe pageantry is a great platform to help me grow into more of the person I want to become because pageants promote strong, independent women who are eager to voice themselves and stand up for changes that need to be made in the world.

FUN FACTS about Ashlyn Ortiz

In my free time, I love playing tennis or creating art with makeup. I am a very fashion oriented person as I am always watching every major runway show that happens! I have never competed in a pageant before!

What is the Nationality of Ashlyn Ortiz

Hispanic/ Latino