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Arminta Thurairajah


  • Image Hair Color Brown
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  • Image Height 5ft 4inch

Height: 5’4
Hometown: Montréal, QC
Languages: English, French, Malayalam, Tamil and Konkani
Occupation: Student at Concordia University

Arminta is a product of two resilient immigrant parents who were born in the small villages of the Indian Subcontinent. Her mother would never show her hardships to her autistic brother or herself. Even though mothers who raise autistic kids have stress and anxiety levels similar to combat veterans, Arminta’s mom made sure that their children always had a smile on their faces and she is constantly concerned about what the future holds for people with autisim.

Her non-verbal autistic brother with obsessive-compulsive disorder and anxiety has always been a catalyst in her life. He has taught her that kindness is the only language where the deaf, the blind and mute can hear. Her brother has influenced her to be involved in numerous charities and look after differently able-bodied children at the ABA therapy. These life challenges have motivated her to take countless health, neurological and psychology courses to understand mental health, create meaningful connections with my brother and overcome ableism. Arminta is thankful for all the struggles, because it has shaped her identity, aspired her to be a Psychiatrist in the long road and led her to pursue a University Degree in the heart of Montreal.

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  • Quebec, Canada

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What is the Occupation of Arminta Thurairajah

Student at Concordia University

Which School Did Arminta Thurairajah Attend?

Concordia University