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Arianna Tipsword


  • Image Hair Color Black
  • Image Eye Color Brown
  • Image Zodiac Sign Capricorn
  • Image Height 5ft 10inch
  • Image Weight 114lbs

Arianna Tipsword is 19 years old and has goals bigger than you could imagine. Arianna has always had a niche for helping others but after her father was tragically murdered in 2014, she has made helping others her life dream. Arianna is currently a sophomore in college and she plans to get her degree in Business & Non-Profit. Her long term goal is to have her own non-profit organization that helps kids/teens stay on track after losing a parent. She couldn’t imagine where she would be without her amazing support system and she wants to make sure every kid who has lost a parent feels the same way. She believes that no one deserves to feel alone or like they have nothing. Arianna has created a movement called “Pushing Through The Past” and speaks at different schools about how to make the most out of every situation. She helps students know that no matter the obstacle, they have the potential to be successful. Arianna is currently Miss Southeast Galaxy and is a delegate for Miss Galaxy International.

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    January 5, 2000

  • Florida, United States



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