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  • Image Hair Color Black
  • Image Eye Color Brown
  • Image Zodiac Sign Gemini
  • Image Height 6ft 1inch
  • Image Weight 194lbs

I started doing pageants well, I never really did a pageant before. My parents say it’s too much money and they’re overall worried about my mental health and physical. I have been skinny shamed before and people have asked me “why am I so thin“ or, “how can you eat so much and still be skinny?” It’s not a disorder, I do not have a eating disorder it’s just I have a very fast metabolism. I am trying my best to gain my confidence and using pageants as a head start.

  • cake Image

    June 12, 2006

  • Kentucky, United States

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What is the Occupation of Amia


Which School Did Amia Attend?

Conway Middle School

Why start competing in pageants

For the sake of my confidence.

What is the Nationality of Amia

Cherokee, Black, White