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Amelia Maltepe


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Amelia Maltepe is a different story. This is model wants to win Miss World despite being born male. Maltepe, 23, was born into a strict Muslim family in Bangladesh and always believed she was trapped inside the wrong body.

Breast Implants

In the year 2012, Maltepe decided to undergo surgery-receiving breast implants making her chest a 34D but has yet to have but a full gender reassignment surgery. Amelia, raised as Adesh, said: "To be become a Miss World is one of my biggest dreams. Growing up I always felt that I was trapped in the wrong body and the idea of changing gender was never an option."

Religious and Family Challenges Amelia's family struggled to accept her decision quite as easily. Amelia said: "In Bangladesh, people don't talk about these kind of things. When I was back home I always tried my mum's clothes on and put her make-up on when she was out. "I always liked it but I never had the courage to be out because my parents are very religious so I thought they would never, ever accept it.

"I was bullied at school for being feminine - I cried many nights wishing I could be different." After revealing her surgery to her shocked family they initially stopped contact with her however, they have since accepted her decision.

Amelia said: "When they saw me for the first time with breasts it must have been very hard for them to understand. "But they are my family and they love me no matter what."

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