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Amber Neff


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Hello! I am Amber Neff Mrs.Curvy Nevada 2017. I entered the Miss Curvy Pageant in the summer of 2016 feeling fairly confident in myself as a curvy woman. Meeting the other contestants and getting to know the stories behind each one, I grew in my confidence through their sisterhood. Each and everyone woman deserves to feel beautiful, unfortunately society and media play a part is breaking women down with unrealistic image myths. Even the most beautiful women in the world have insecurities and have had their images manipulated to suit what the industry considers "the look". I am beautiful, you are beautiful and until we see images that are realistic we will always feel like we are not enough, and that is not how I want young people to grow up. It may never change as a society, but if we have enough young women, and men accept and celebrate all shapes sizes and definitions of beauty there will be more people who love themselves, and make this world a bit kinder.

As Mrs. Curvy Nevada I have been awarded a public forum and an amazing opportunity to build awareness of the Girl Scouts of America and the tireless efforts of the volunteer leaders that are the front line of this organization. I am passionate about helping girls and young women build confidence and skills to carry them throughout their lives. As a former Girl Scout and mother of a 2nd year Girl Scout, I plan to work hand in hand with the Girl Scouts of Sierra Nevada and my local troop.

Girl Scouts learn how to be kind, honest, responsible, and caring, and practice the kind of open communication that leads to healthy relationships. Being a Girl Scout builds confidence, because the more new things they try, the more likely they are to discover what they are really good at and use it to help themselves and others. I want to be part of the  experiences of Girl Scouts and be there when they try new things. I believe, in the Girl Scout way; “Without a doubt, that every girl has the power to change the world.


I am a firm believer in the mission of the Miss Curvy US organization;

The Miss Curvy Organization is designed to empower and promote self-confidence through the beauty of curves. With ambition and a heart for her    community Miss Curvy is today’s heroic leader.


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    December 8, 1971

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