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Alyssa Diaz


Alyssa Diaz has won Miss Eagle Mountain 2014

Alyssa Diaz is at present contemplating practice and games science at the University of Utah and has as of late been acknowledged into the Physical Education Teaching Program.

Her stage is titled 'A Choice of Love' and is focused on making backing and mindfulness encompassing the gifts of appropriation. Her story, "Three years prior my kin and I were sat down and told around a more seasoned sister we had, named Nichole that had been set for appropriation when our mother was only 16 years of age. She needed to move to Florida to guarantee a totally open appropriation which was totally incomprehensible and verging on forbidden at the time and she was among the first to pioneer the choice of open selection. In her mid twenties Nichole chose the time had come to meet her introduction to the world mother and investigate that relationship. It bloomed quickly and she met every one of us not long after and it has been the greatest gift in all my years! Following the time when then I have made it my objective to share the constructive characteristics of selection and help individuals around me see exactly how astonishing it is and dissipate a portion of the negative myths that are connected with the word. I cherish selection and the astonishing open doors it accommodates families on all sides of that appropriation."

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Contemporary Dance, "Bloom"

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Adoption: A Choice of Love