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Alicia Aylies


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Alicia Aylies, Miss France 2017, created a national costume that combined her love of the sport of fencing with her country's recent accomplishment of hosting the 2024 Olympics. Her costume featured a cape with the Olympic ring emblem printed on it and a Swarovski crystal-encrusted bodice, a fencing foil, and a helmet.

The costume was a perfect fit until the International Olympic Committee ("IOC") was informed of Aylies' use of the Olympic rings on her costume. Because the Miss France Universe Organization did not seek permission to use the Olympic rings emblem, the use of the emblem violated international regulations. The IOC said, "We contacted the Miss France company and thanked them for their support of the movement while indicating that their use of the Olympic rings did not comply with the IOC rules. The symbol is strictly protected by the Olympic Charter and its use cannot be done without authorization, so the rings will be removed."

It is unclear whether the Miss France Universe Organization will receive sanctions of any kind for its unauthorized use, however, it is clear that Miss France will not be able to use the logo going forward. If she needs to wear the costume again, she will be required to wear a plain white cape instead. While the national costume rehearsal is over, the footage from the competition may be used in the final night of competition. In order to minimize the damage done by incorrectly using the Olympic rings emblem, the Miss Universe Organization is attempting to edit the footage so as to not include the Olympic rings at the bottom of Aylies' cape.

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