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Aiona Santana


  • Image Hair Color Brown
  • Image Eye Color Hazel
  • Image Zodiac Sign Capricorn
  • Image Height 5ft 5inch
  • Image Weight 121lbs

Aiona Santana was born in Leuven, Belgium and moved to Ottawa, Ontario, Canada when she was 12 years old. Due to her parents being of Venezuelan descent, she spoke Spanish at home and Dutch at school, she considers both languages her mother tongue as she learned them at the same time. Being of such an international background allowed her to be integrated into different communities and learn about distinct cultures from a very young age. She has travelled all around the world and applies this knowledge into everything she does. Aiona is entering her third year at Carleton University where she is studying a Bachelor of Music and a Minor in Arts Management. She is very passionate about her studies and aspires to be an example for any young women pursuing a career in the entertainment industry. She hopes to show them that anything can be achieved if you work hard for it.

From an early age, Aiona Santana set out to become a performer and professional singer. Natural ability will only take a talented artist so far, but a strong will and determination has helped push this artist forward and continues to drive her development and success. She knows what hard work is and never hesitates to prove it. Her studies at Carleton University provide her with the knowledge she needs on every aspect of music. She is also studying a Minor in Arts Management which is the business side of the entertainment industry where she is pursuing her passion for marketing. With both these fields combined, Aiona is determined to create her own record label in the future where she will recruit different kinds of artists and produce their music. Throughout the course of her musical career, Aiona Santana has won over the hearts of music lovers from all walks of life. Performing at a variety of venues, making dozens of appearances, all the while recording new singles. She has performed at local events such as the Tulip Festival, participated and received trophies at the Kiwanis Festival, and many more. Aiona Santana has earned the admiration and affection of countless fans, serving as both an inspiration and role model.

She has also completed a lot of charity work with the following organizations: HOLAS (the Humanitarian Organization of Latin American Students), Relay for Life, the International Fund Initiative, UNICEF Canada, Peace of Mind Canada, and Anges D’Aide Humanitaire. These humanitarian initiatives have inspired Aiona to work on her own projects in order to raise funds for many charities, her goal in life is to use her art and platform to support different causes. Aiona believes that as humans it is our duty to help others in need and use our talents for a good cause.

Modeling and acting have always been an important part of Aiona’s life, she was signed to AMTI (Angie’s Models & Talent International) in 2018 and immediately her modelling career took off. She completed many photoshoots with different photographers around Ottawa and the GTA area which has not only given her experience in front of the camera, but it also allowed for her to completely step out of her comfort zone and embrace the person she is. Aiona has been acting since she was 7 years old, she followed acting classes from a very young age and studied in the dramatic arts program at a specialized arts high school in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada. Being at this school for four years, she performed in numerous theatrical plays and studied the dramatic arts in depth. Shyness in front of the camera is not something Aiona has, she has completely embraced her talents and is able to take on any challenges that come with it.

For being only 19 years old, Aiona Santana has worked very hard towards her goals and continues to do so. She competed at the Miss Canada Latina pageant last summer 2018 and placed as the fifth finalist, this not only sparked her love for pageants, but it also inspired her ability to make a change. Hard work ethic, passion, drive, and ability are all attributes Aiona possesses. Her combination of knowledge of the world, passion for humanitarian aid, and performance experience are all aspects that will help her succeed. She is ready to take on the Miss Universe stage, proudly represent Canada, and give it her all.

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    December 31, 1999

  • Ontario, Canada

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Singer, dancer, performer

Pageant Platform

Miss Universe Canada

What is the Occupation of Aiona Santana

Studying a Bachelor of Music in Voice at Carleton University, working for the Red Bull in-field marketing office in Ottawa, current founder and owner of registered non-profit organization called. The Vision Movement.

Which School Did Aiona Santana Attend?

Carleton University

FUN FACTS about Aiona Santana

She can drive standard and sing whistle tones!

What is the Nationality of Aiona Santana

Canadian, Venezuelan, and Belgian