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Pageant Planet Box

PP Box Pageant Planet Box is the perfect way to prepare for your next pageant and is an excellent gift idea for the titleholder in your life! Here's how it works:

Step 1: Choose a plan

You can order a box and receive pageant-related goodies (i.e. makeup, butt glue, clothes, accessories, earrings, beauty products, fashion products, shoes and the list is ever growing) every month or you can give it as a gift! Choose your option below.
  • Pageant Planet Box - ($29/month) Each box is filled with at least five items that have a retail value of more than $60. You can cancel anytime and you don't pay for shipping. Also, every box comes with our Virtual Coaching Membership. This gives you access to our private portal where you can ask us unlimited pageant questions ranging from wardrobe reviews to introduction help to platform development to paperwork review to anything else that you can think of!
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  • Give as a GIFT: Pageant Planet Box - ($29) - Give a 1-, 2-, 3-, 4-, 5-...12-month subscription by clicking the button below!
pageant box,pageant subscription,pageant package

Step 2: Customize your Pageant Box

This is where you tell us about yourself so that we can send you goodies each month that are tailored to you!

Step 3: Enjoy the Box

All boxes are shipped for free inside the U.S.

Do you like our idea? You're not alone! More than 450 people, just like you, wanted our box within the first few days of our initial launch!

pageant planet box,pageant box

Let us help you win your next pageant and look fabulous in the process by joining hundreds of pageant girls all over the world!

pageant box,pageant subscription,pageant package

Frequently Asked Questions About Our Pageant Box

  1. What's in the box? Every box includes at least five items from each of these following categories:
    • Coaching - Every box subscription includes a free Virtual Coaching membership, which means that you get access to the entire Pageant Planet coaching staff for FREE just by being a member. You can ask unlimited pageant-related questions to our team of experts to get the help you need to win the crown. You can upload your wardrobe for a private review, send in your paperwork for editing, get help with your introductions, ask general questions and more!
    • Fashion - From pageant swag to inspiring tee shirts, tank tops and other fashion-related goodies, every box includes a fashion-related item that will have you looking like a queen.
    • Beauty - Each box includes a makeup, skin care, hair care or body care item that will help you look your best on and off the stage!
    • Lifestyle - Pageantry is a lifestyle and so is your health. From vitamins to food to meal plans to workout plans to gadgets and swag, our box will help you feel like royalty!
    • Fabulous - Pageant girls are different in the best kind of way and pageantry has its own unique culture. This category honors that monthly by sending you something that every pageant girl will enjoy!
  2. What does the Virtual Coaching Membership Include?
    • Unlimited paperwork reviews
    • Unlimited feedback on evening gown, fun fashion, interview and talent options
    • Unlimited reviews on talent routines
    • Unlimited help writing introductions
    • Unlimited feedback on pageant headshots
    • Ask unlimited questions
    • Access interviews with experts and titleholders who tell you what it takes to win!
    • No minimum month requirement
    • Coaching is customized to your gender, location, age division and pageant system. No monthly minimum.
  3. What age divisions are best suited for the Pageant Box?
    • Currently our subscribers range from 3 months old to 50 years old. Because of this, we take a lot of time finding products that are age neutral. So, in short, every age can benefit from the box.
  4. Is the box only for girls who are actively competing?
    • Nope. We have girls subscribing to our box who have never competed before! However, we do tailor all of our boxes for girls who want to win a crown, has won a crown and who have the deep love for all things pageantry.
  5. Do you ship internationally?
    • Yes! We lose money on every box that we ship internationally, but we love our international queens, so we are happy to do it. While we do charge you for shipping, which is often more expensive than the cost of the box, we do not pay duties on the box.
  6. When is the deadline to order?
    • You can order any time, but the deadline to get our next box, which is shipped out on the 15, is 11:59 p.m. EST on last day of this month. If you order on the first of the month, you are going to have to wait until the 15 of the following month to get your first box, so don't wait!
  7. Will I be charged monthly?
    • Yes! But, you can cancel at anytime by clicking here and sending us a message. Don't worry, we don't make it awkward. We get the message, cancel your subscription and then send out an optional questionnaire. Simple, right?
pageant box,pageant subscription,pageant package
pageant box,pageant planet
pageant box,pageant subscription,pageant package