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Mabry is a 10 year old fifth grader in Knoxville TN.  She has 3 older brothers:  Maddox,  Matthew and Mason.  At school she is a student council representative and planning to run for President during 5th grade.  She is planning to launch a program at school called "Bear Buddies" which will match kids from different grades. It will be a pen pal type program designed to make sure everyone has a friend.  Mabry enjoys dance and is a member of the competition team and company performance group at her dance studio.  She is studying ballet, tap, jazz, lyrical, contemporary, modern and acro.  As part of her love for performing she is also taking vocal lessons and has acted in a play with the children's theater.  She is hoping to do more, but with her busy schedule she isn't sure when the opportunity will happen again. Her other love is being on her church's praise team.  They dance and sing and lead the other kids in worship.  Lots of things she loves all rolled into one.

Mabry's platform is called "Going Beyond Kindness" and is dedicated to her oldest brother, Maddox, who has Down syndrome.  She wants to bring awareness and education to some struggles that many individuals face with communicating and socializing.  Kindness is a great thing, but she wants to encourage more than just a word or deed and push toward creating relationships and true friendships.  She sees her brother and his friends and knows that anyone would be lucky to have them be part of their lives.

With 3 brothers, pageantry is very special to Mabry.  She LOVES having queen sisters.  The friendships she has made at pageants are so important to her.  It is a rare day that she doesn't talk to at least one pageant friend in some way.  International United Miss is about everything good in pageantry and Holly Sour and Krisann Binetti are the absolute best directors anyone could ever hope for.  She knows they love her and support her in everything she does - in every aspect of life.  And that is truly special.  The last best thing about pageants is girl time with mom.  It is their time to be together without a herd of boys and men.  

Mabry is so excited for this year with her new sisters and their moms and families. International United Miss is her dream "job" and she feels so incredibly blessed to be the first two-time International title holder, having held the Princess title in 2017-18.  She is looking forward to what she knows we be the best year of her life.

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Pageant Platform

Going Beyond Kindness

What is the Occupation of Mabry Grace Shields

International United Miss Jr Preteen 2020-21

Why start competing in pageants

I began pageants because I love people and the stage. My mom says I am the happiest person she has ever met. I started in the Cinderella Scholarship pageant. After my first state and a 2nd alt placement, we decided to plan to attend internationals the next summer. I won state that year. One month later and 14 months after starting pageants, I won the Overall International Cinderella Tot title. I also won AAMTC International Model of the Year and International Cameo Girl. It was an amazing week and the beginning of my whirlwind pageant experience. The next summer I won the International United Miss Princess title. What a great experience. My next International title came 2 summers later when I won the World Imperial Beauties Jr MIss title. In the summer of 2020 I was able to return to International United Miss and my dream came true and I won the next age division, taking home the International Jr Preteen title. To say I have been blessed is an understatement. I love all my directors, sister queens, pageant friends and their moms. I have gained skills that I will use my whole life. I look forward to many more years on the stage.

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