Fabiola Vazquez


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My platform was inspired by my love to read. Seeing my siblings grow up, I have seen them both struggle in reading. Throughout my platform I have been able to encourge more children to read everyday. I have been able to spread my love of reading with other children. I have been foucusing on the different areas where children can get discourged to read. Simple things such as not finding the right genre, not knowing how to properly read, and not understanding the concept can easily discourge any child from enjoying the fun that reading brings. I hope to continuee helping children in there path to developing a love for reading.

Fabiola has walked for Laylah Rose Couture in NYFW and will be walking in season 3 of HiTech Moda NYFW. She has also walked in Columbus Fashion week with Juan Jose Ferreyros.

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    July 30, 2005

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