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I am proudly representing Marrickville in Miss Galaxy Australia.
As a Pageant System Galaxy Pageant, aligns with my own personal beliefs and values
as this pageant encourages woman to be the best version of themselves possible and helps them see the confidence within themselves, that they possibly could be lacking previously and using their platform to become role models to those around them. This system whoever competes in it. ends up making friends for life and it becomes a family.

This pageant is important for me to partake in , as a person I am all about personal growth and gaining confidence, as for the longest time possible I lacked self confidence. This is my third Pageant and even at the starting stages of preparing for Galaxy, i can reflect back to the insecure girl i was, even just a few short years ago.
Competing in Galaxy is an amazing opportunity. As i want to be a Role Model to show that no matter your life situation, things will and shall get better with time, hard work and patience
A crown is great at the end of it, BUT I am so excited to work alongside Make A Wish Foundation on as Galaxy Pageants Chosen Charity ( which grants wishs to sick vulnerable children) Im actually starting to do volunteer work with foster children very shortly- Ive joined a "big sister" program where i go spend a few hours a week with a foster child ( a issue close to my heart- growing up with no parents, but i was blessed to grow up with my aunt) and last but not least, trying to find charitys where i can help the homeless ( as my, myself was homeless during my early teen years) and that’s why I love pageants as they give me a voice/ reason and purpose to help those less fortunate and of course give me a platform to be able to do so . And also when i model from time to time, along my modelling journey I spread the message of positive body image in women and learning to love the skin you are in

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    September 26, 2019

  • New South Wales, Australia

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Pageant Platform

Helping vulnerable children ( could be foster and at risk youth) and helping homelessness and spreading the message of to my Instagram Followers the importance of Positive Body Image and loving oneself.

What is the Occupation of Emily Treglown

Guest Service Agent/Casual Modelling and current moderator for a wide known health an fitness facebook group in USA

Which School Did Emily Treglown Attend?

Only attended High School

Why start competing in pageants

To build self confidence within myself, to have a purpose in my life and pageants are an excellent platform to be able to spread your message into the world for what you are trying to achieve, to help those less fortunate around you . As a person, i like to put others own needs and wants before mine and of course to help me grow as a person and see the potential within myself that i had lacked for years.

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