Danele Price


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I first came across pageants back towards the end of 2013. I begged my grandparents to let me try for NAM in 2014, and I was a state finalist! I didn't compete because of a prior church commitment. But I tried again this summer & I got accepted as a state finalist again! I competed at NAM Ohio in the Teen Division on June 28-30. It was a life changing weekend & if it weren't for NAM & the confidence it gave me, I wouldn't have the title I have now.

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    October 8, 1998

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I can play the alto saxophon

Pageant Platform

My platform is to help kids/teens who have a mental illness such as depression, anxiety, etc & let them know that they are not alone. It's to help them find support groups & support systems so they don't do harmful things to their body. I hope to one day in the near future expand it to people who suffer from eating disorders also. But that's still in the works

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