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  • Los Angeles, CA, USA

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As a former judge for 10 years, I have had the privilege of interviewing over 5,000 contestants in pageants. From MAO prelims, to NAM, USA NaMiss, IJM, and many more, I have seen it all!
I know how to prepare you to master the art of pageant interviewing.
What are the judges looking for in an answer? What determines a good answer from a poor answer? Remember, your interview is NOT just answering questions. Body language, sentence structure, and even inflection matter when confidently standing before a judge and declaring that you are ready for the crown.
I want to help prepare you for interview. I want you to confidently enter that room ready to give your very best.
I am an educator in Los Angeles and work with kids everyday. Discipline is key when learning the skill of interview.
If you choose to work with me, you should be prepared TO WORK! You will have homework. This requires your time, effort and energy. Here's the good news... HARD WORK AND DEDICATION WINS PAGEANTS!

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