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  • Lakeland, FL, USA

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Omega ‘Auntie’ Mothersill is a champion of women, an engaging speaker, author, educator, entrepreneur, pageant and plus model coach. As a sought after speaker and success coach, Auntie inspire and encourage individuals to success. Her vast background lends itself to helping women with business development, money management, social skills, fashion show producer, modeling coach, proper dress and image. Her burning desire is to train, equip and empower women to become effective leaders and business owners. Auntie desire is to see every woman living a successful, whole and productive life.

Auntie is the Host of Curves In 3D Radio Show a weekly talk show that airs every Thursday night at 9pm. Real Talk with Real Women of Size and Stature. Auntie was recently Crowned Supreme Queen and Ms Florida Plus America 2016. Her Platform is The SOY Project - Education and Awareness of Human Trafficking in America.

Auntie is the CEO of Enhance U - Image & Success Coaching, 3D Plus Modeling Company, MPAC-My Pretty Auntie Closet and Forever Bells Bridal Consulting and Coordinating. She is the Founder of Daughters of Zelophehad a Financial Empowerment Ministry. She is currently a respected educator within the Polk County School District, Founder of the Sister2Sister and Brothers, Too Book Club, W.A.R. Gun Club, Founder of The Believe MasterMind Group and Spiritual Leader of The BELIEVE Prayer Line.

Auntie is a Graduate of Nova Southeastern University MBA Program and currently entertaining a PhD. She is also a Graduate of the Master Pastor Internship Program (WWIC).

Her Motto to live by: ‘Do what’s right and right will always come back to you’

Personal Statement: God choose what I go through, I choose how I go through it!

She is on Purpose, Believe It!

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