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Sam The Emcee

Bringing Real Emcee Elegance to the Stage.
  • Las Vegas

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Growing up in Mississippi I of course was around pageants my entire life. As I was entertaining it only was natural for me to start entertaining and emceeing for pageants. I became obsessed with watching not just the contestants but watching the emcee's every move, how they sounded and of course the jokes. I always would notice when the emcee was in it for themselves or when it was truly about the contestants and the show. I would also notice the script but that is another story for another day.
Through this and also being very close to the Miss Atlanta directors I learned what was truly needed to be a kind, consistent and entertaining emcee.
I have emceed countless pageants and events from South Carolina all the way to Nevada. More notably the Miss Georgia America Competition and have entertained at that the Emmy Award winning Miss Mississippi America Competition.
I truly love emceeing and I love writing the scripts.

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