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Rebecca Thomas Photography

  • Middlesbrough, UK

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Hello, I'm Rebecca Thomas.

I am a 23 year old photographer and I made this page to show people my photography and what I have done.

I have a passion and enthusiasm for photography which started as a hobby but grew out of the work I did in my first year at Middlesbrough College, in lens based imaging and experimental modules. Although I started the course with fairly broad expectations and interest it was the photography and related units that motivated me the most and confirmed my interests in making a long term career in this discipline. Whilst the other units I studied in Middlesbrough College contributed to my development as a creative person and notably the concept and visual communication aspects of these, it was the range and scope of what you can do within the photographic process that confirmed my desire to extend my learning further.

During my second year at Middlesbrough College, I chose to specialize in the photography route, as the range of opportunities to work with other people, participate in external events and the wide variety of activities, I felt would give me an extensive portfolio of work. During my time at Middlesbrough College I have been involved with several studio and location projects which have tested my ability to control lighting, to organize and construct sets and most importantly, to respond in situations in which I have had little control. The latter has given me great experience in working with and negotiating with people and has taught me much about how to act professionally. Significant projects have been the covering of events for the College's managing director for publicity purposes, presentation and conversion occasions and some very challenging 'unplanned' events that have required me to respond and complete a job in a very short time-frame.

I also particularly enjoyed the associated units of printmaking and digital imaging. To be able to refine my images into a print based outcome and to work with a range of different media I feel adds to the whole experience of being a photographer. It is also preparing me for a career, in which I know, from researching the market, will require me to be increasing more adaptable and versatile in what I have to offer.

I moved onto Newcastle College to study a Foundation Degree, my reasons for choosing this course was to extend my skills as a photographer and to extend my knowledge as well as earning a much greater understanding of working within an industry which is becoming even more competitive and demanding. This will help me with the end aim which I have been considering for the last year, setting up my own business.

Newcastle College was very similar to Middlesbrough College the only difference was the level of work. I applied all the skills I had learnt to the projects that were given to me and then in my second year at Newcastle College I had to complete my work experience which I done at Middlesbrough College, working alongside my tutor from Middlesbrough College, Greame Hunter. My work experience was great, I learnt a lot about tutoring.

I finished College and started a photography business, Rebecca Thomas Photography ltd. In addition to working I regularly look for opportunities to develop my personal photography portfolio.

Sponsor of:
- Acklam Rugby Club

Models I have worked with:
- Mark Redfearn, Mr United Kingdom
- Natasha Gray, Yarm Miss Top Model, Tees Valley Miss Catwalk
- Terri O'Hagan, Yarm Miss Congeniality
- Georgia Abbott, Yarm Miss Top Spirit
- Jennifer Michaela, Miss High Fashion Queen, Mrs A pageant Life, Mrs Enchanting

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