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Queenly Inc.

Access. Convenience. Elegance.
  • San Francisco, CA, USA

  • Operating Hours: 08:00 am -05:00 pm (Tuesday)
    08:00 am -05:00 pm (Sunday) 08:00 am -05:00 pm (Monday) 08:00 am -05:00 pm (Tuesday) 08:00 am -05:00 pm (Wednesday) 08:00 am -05:00 pm (Thursday) 08:00 am -05:00 pm (Friday) 08:00 am -05:00 pm (Saturday)

Queenly is a transformative platform dedicated towards the formal wear fashion and pageant industry, which we believe in providing every girl the "gown of her dreams" by giving access to hundreds of other girls' closets through the means of a convenient iOS app and a buyer driven feature called ISO ("in search of").

By reversing the typical buying process, we promote the idea of efficiency by giving the control to the buyers and letting the matches come to them instead. When preparing for a pageant competition or getting ready for a gala, girls already have what kind of gown they want to wear. Whether it be the color, the style, the silhouette, etc., Queenly will give you the chance to let others know what you're looking for instead of browsing through different sites and scrolling endlessly on their inventory.

We enable our users to either be buyers or sellers, and through this model, our users can save a lot money through buying previously owned gowns (that are only worn once or twice) or by making money by either selling their gowns or renting them! We believe in promoting sustainability within the fashion industry by not having a brand-new inventory from designer stores, but rather, collecting hundreds of gowns from closets that go unused.

Queenly's purpose is to remind girls everywhere that you don't have to break the bank to be confidently beautiful. For a fraction of the price, you can attain that gown that you've always wanted to rock on stage or glide in on the dance floor. We are not a retail store; we are a revolutionary platform focused on fashion and we foster a community that uplifts and strives to help one another look incredible and feel like a queen on their special night.


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