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Mrs Canada Globe 2018

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Mrs. Canada Globe
Date of Event: 11 Feb 2018 - 11 Feb 2018
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Mrs Canada Globe 2018 is Urszula Ula! Urszula will represent Canada at Mrs Globe 2018 later this year!


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One of the huge criticisms of the pageant world is an emphasis on an arbitrary standard of physical beauty. How does pageantry change if the physical appearance aspect is taken out of the judging all together? The Mrs. Canada Globe pageant is ensuring that first impressions are based solely on a contestant's ability to communicate. (Read: How Pageantry Has Changed to be More Than Just Outer Beauty)

How will the pageant ensure that?

The Mrs. Canada Globe prides itself on selecting well-rounded representatives to send to the international Mrs. Globe pageant. In the preliminary competition, the contestants are judged on their personality profile (40 percent), evening wear (30 percent) and swimsuit (30 percent). On the final night, previous scores are thrown out, and the judges are scoring 50 percent on overall impression and 50 percent on the onstage question. (Read: How Do Judges Score Beauty Pageants?)

Mrs. Canada Globe 2017 Judges. Photo: Wayne Slinn Photography Mrs. Canada Globe 2017 judges. Photo: Wayne Slinn Photography

In order to ensure that the winner is selected solely based on her ability to communicate, National Director Kimberly Castle and Executive Producer Lisa Peters selected a unique judge to serve on the panel of judges for the final night. Judge Ashley Nemeth is legally blind. Nemeth is a motivational speaker and advocate, addressing issues that her community faces on a national platform. She certainly has experience representing a community of people and will be an excellent judge to select the next Mrs. Canada Globe.

How does this change the competition?

Well, in theory, it shouldn't change anything. Many people in the pageant community say that looks should not determine who takes home the crown because pageantry is about so much more than physical beauty. While this may be true, judges are human too and it is natural for unintentional preferences to influence their decision making. Having a judge who is unable to see the women competing for the crown may just take that subconscious bias out of the equation altogether. (Read: What to do if You Think a Judge is Biased?)

“We are excited to be welcoming Ashley to our judging panel," Castle said. "She is breaking barriers and showing the world how people who are blind and partially sighted can do the same things that sighted people do. At the same time, we are demonstrating the importance of inclusivity and celebrating beauty within. We can’t wait to see who will be our new Mrs. Canada Globe 2018.”

What do you think of the competition being solely based on one's ability to communicate? Should we remove the physical appearance aspect from pageantry altogether? Let us know below!

How to compete in Mrs. Canada Globe?

Are you allowed to be married?

Both. We allow both married and non-married contestants.

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Evening Gown, Swimsuit/Fitness, Interview

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